Serving Science through Analytical Instrumentation

IAIA, an exclusive professional body was formed in 1996 with a vision to promote, encourage and develop the growth of the Analytical Instruments Industry. The primary objective is to create and share knowledge leading to better relationships between all players. IAIA aims to be the premier body working towards policy making and planning thus promoting welfare by integrating the entire analytical fraternity.

Indian Analytical Instruments Association has successfully organized Exhibitions & Conferences from the year 1996 to 2000 under the banner 'Anacon'* in Mumbai IAIA has 78 members (59 Corporate Life Members & 19 Individual Life Members) including Lab India, Perkin Elmer, Cryogen, Ind tech , Spinco, Dionex, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters, Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals etc. to name a few analytical fraternity.

President Message

Innovative analytical instruments assist scientists in reaching their scientific goals, increase productivity, and earn higher return on their investments in research, development and quality control. Whether at work discovering new pharmaceuticals, inventing new and more effective ways to treat diseases, assuring the safety of the world’s food and drinking water supplies, monitoring and controlling pollution, or conserving the world’s greatest art treasures, scientists worldwide rely on various advanced analytical instruments for their success. Every new analytical instrument offers the potential to revolutionize many other growing industries, as well, from civil and environmental engineering to nanotechnology and security. Indian Analytical Industry contributes significantly to the overall growth of our economy, well-being of our citizens and helps maintain food and environmental safety. Yet what is our position in the overall scheme of things in India, particularly among industry peers, scientists and academicians who procures and uses our systems? More>>


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Negative List of Taxation
Budget 2014 - Recent Amendments
- C.R. Raghavendra
20/09/2013 Direct & Indirect Taxation Seminar Presentations
IAIA Tie Ups and Member Benefits  
Indirect Taxation - Gowri Shankar  
Direct Taxation
- K R Sekar,  Manisha Gupta & Pritin Kumar 

1 Biosimilars
  a) Dr. Laxmi Adhikary ¯ Biocon
b) Dr. Sanjay Sonar - Biogenomics
c) Dr. L. Adhikary - Biocon
d) Prof. Dr. Ph. Schmitt-Kopplin     Helmholtz-  Zentrum Munich/Germany
e) Dr. S. Sonar - Biogenomics
f) Prof. Dr. A. Sickmann - Leibnitz-Institute for     Analytical Sciences, Dortmund/Germany
g) Dr. J. Hippler - University      Duisburg-  Essen/Germany
h) Prof. Dr. J. Namiesnik - Technical University      Gdansk/Poland
2 Pharmaceuticals
  a) Dr. Ashwini Sandu - United Phosphorus
b) K.K. Bhagchandani - ACD Labs
c) Dr. Rajiv Desai - Dishman Pharmaceuticals
d) Dr. A. Sandu, United Phosphorous
e) Dr. G. Tittel, Germany
f) Dr. R. Desai, Dishman Pharmaceuticals
g) Prof. Dr. K.S. Boos, Medical Centre,
     LM University Munich/Germany
h) Mr. K. Anand, Cadila Healthcare
i) PD Dr. Weiss, Germany
3 Drug Discovery
  a) Dr. Gautam Palit - CDRI
b) Dr. G. Palit, CDRI
c) Prof. Dr. B. Buszewski, University      Torun/Poland
d) Dr. Vyas, Dr. Reddy’s Labs
e) Prof. Dr. O. Schmitz, University Duisburg      Essen/Germany
f) Prof. Dr. K.S. Boos, Medical Centre,
    LM University Munich/Germany
4 Food Industries
  a) Mr. R. Parthiban - Coca Cola
b) Dr. S.P. Vasireddi - Vimta Labs Limited
C) Dr. Kaushik Banerjee - National Referral      Laboratory
d) Dr. S. P. Vasireddi, Vimta Labs
e) Dr. H.J. Huebschmann, Singapore
f) Mr. R. Parthiban - Coca Cola India
g) Dr. J. Blumm, Germany
h) Dr. H. J. Huebschmann, Singapore
i) Dr. Z. Zhan, Singapore
j) Prof. Dr. D. Knopp, Technical University    Munich/Germany
k) Dr. Kaushik Banerjee